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Applying will not impact your personal credit score.

How to Get a Small
Business Loan

Getting a small business loan to grow your business is a very simple process. Determine how much money your business takes in each month, decide how much money you need and have a have a pretty good idea what your credit history looks like. With that information you’re ready to get a small business loan. Apply today no matter what your Credit Score is!



Small Business
Loan Requirements

Your Small Business needs to have been in business for at least 3 months, you must have already generated a minimum of $5,000 in sales each month and you must have a business checking account. Not all businesses will qualify for a business loan and not all businesses will qualify every loan type. We’re here to help you review your options and to discuss the products that are available to grow your business. Apply today no matter what your Credit Score is!


  • Why You Need Loans?

    You’re building credit for the future.

    If you’re planning to apply for larger-scale financing for your business in the next few years, the case can be made for starting with a smaller, short term loan in order to build your business credit.

  • Why Choose Us?

    We make funding quick and simple.

    If you want to expand your business, pay unexpected expenses, or to make it through a slow part of the year, we provide funding solutions that allow you to meet your short-term needs or your long-term goals.

  • Business Success

    We’re committed to the short term and the long term success of your business.

    We have long term relationships with many clients and have assisted them in many ways to help them sustain and grow their business.


  • I was turned down by my bank because of my credit score.

    Clearview Business Capital with able to work with my score and give me the loan I needed.

    KATHY R.
  • I almost didn’t apply thinking I wouldn’t qualify.

    After talking to Shelley Moran I completed my application and was approved for a program that best met my needs.

    RUSS W.
  • The process was much easier that I thought it would be.

    I emailed over my application and bank statements and my loan was approved. Thanks for making the process so easy.

    DON N.